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Tianjin Kaifeng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tianjin KaiFeng Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Add: Yangkezhuang Village, Wangwenzhuang Town,
XiQing District, Tianjin, China Zip Code:300383
Tel: +86-22-23993297, +86-22-23994188,
Fax: +86-22-23994188
Web: www.2jjcc.com
Mail: kaifeng_chem@163.com
Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite


CAS NO: 7681-52-9

Chemical Formula: NaClO

Molecular Weight: 74.44

Appearance: Yellow transparent Liquid

Standard: HG/T2498-1993



Available Chlorine: 8%-16%

NaOH: 1% Max


Transportation Info:

Class: 8    UN NO: 1791    PG:III



Disinfection for swimming pool, drinking water, cooling tower and sewage and waste water, food, and farming, hospital, school, station and household etc;

Good bleaching and oxidation in paper and dye industry.


Normal Packing: 30kg drum, 1200kg IBC Tank




Isolate from incompatible substances. Storage in cool and dry place.

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